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I’m not dead either!

Mikkel writes that Planet DAIMI seems dead… so here’s just a small post from me saying that I’m not dead!

In fact I’ve just passed my exam in Formal Methods for Information Security, I got a final grade of 5.5, which I’m quite satisfied with. The course had a written midterm and was supposed to have a written final too, but they changed the final to an oral exam! In the midterm I only managed to bring in a very poor 4.25, so pulling the average up to 5.5 is very good, especially considering that the maximum grade in the Swiss system is 6.0… The lecturer called it “fancy math” and I have to agree with him! :-)

I’ll have the next exam in Randomisierte Algorithmen on Monday — it’s a written test, and I don’t like it…

Spot the fake smile!

Smile! I’m starting to get a bit tired of reading about the silly so-called Cartoon Crisis, so here’s something much more positive for you to read about: smiles! :-)

Stéphanie found this funny little test at the BBC homepage where you have to look at 20 videos of people smiling — but some of the smiles are fake. You can only see each video once, so you have to pay attention, much like in real life when people smile at you. And don’t worry, the test is fairly quick, I guess it took 15 minutes or so.

I was able to guess correctly 16 times out of 20, which apparently is fairly good since they write that most people are bad at distinguishing between real and fake smiles.

Take the test!

Hehe, Google AdSense pays off!

I'll get one of those! :-) I would like to say a big “Thank You!” to those of you who still read my page the regular way — you know… with a webbrowser pointed to and not by the planet or some other cheating way where you don’t see the advertisements…

You’ve clicked 664 times on the Google AdSense adds I’ve put on my pages, and thus earned me $100! I started in June 2005 with AdSense, so this is a little more than $14 a month — a nice little extra income. I would of course be happy to hear about experiences from others.

I haven’t seen the money yet, but it will be put in my bank account at the end of this month, and I believe I’ll be smiling on my way to the bank! :-)

Planet Goodness!

Spinning round and round... I’ve updated the planet so that it grabs the comment feeds and attaches the comments to the appropriate posts. Right now it uses all the comments it can get hold of — the number should perhaps be limited. Or posts with new comments should be pulled to the top? This could be sorted with JavaScript, but I don’t want to mess with it right now. Feel free to beat me to it :-)

I’ve also digged deep in my image archive and found some images of Lars, Mikkel, and Janus. If you guys have any better images then just send them to me. I’ve tried to correct the colors a bit, so if you have any complaints just let me know.

Hurrah for me! :-)

Umm... cake! I’m 24 years old today, so in a hexadecimal world, I would now be old enough (0x18 years) to get a drivers license and to get in at the fancy discoteques… in this world I guess it just means that I’m a little older than last year :-)

Stéphanie and I are down in Wallis and today we’ll go to Italy with her parents to have real italian pizza for dinner — you can do such crazy things here in Switzerland! Actually it’s just half an hour with train from Brig, Switzerland to Domodossola, Italy. I think it’s going to be cool!

In other news today: I’m updating the planet soon so that the comments will be displayed too. Maybe I’ll even do some nice JavaScript trickery so that you can show/hide the comments yourself… The generation of the page is almost trivial using the amazing, universal feedparser for [Python][]. But you’ll still have to wait a bit for it…