Hurrah for me! :-)

Umm... cake! I’m 24 years old today, so in a hexadecimal world, I would now be old enough (0x18 years) to get a drivers license and to get in at the fancy discoteques… in this world I guess it just means that I’m a little older than last year :-)

Stéphanie and I are down in Wallis and today we’ll go to Italy with her parents to have real italian pizza for dinner — you can do such crazy things here in Switzerland! Actually it’s just half an hour with train from Brig, Switzerland to Domodossola, Italy. I think it’s going to be cool!

In other news today: I’m updating the planet soon so that the comments will be displayed too. Maybe I’ll even do some nice JavaScript trickery so that you can show/hide the comments yourself… The generation of the page is almost trivial using the amazing, universal feedparser for [Python][]. But you’ll still have to wait a bit for it…


  1. Thomas:


  2. Janus:

    Congrats crazy dude :)

  3. Kristian:

    Tillykke, tillykke :-)

  4. Martin Geisler:

    Thanks guys!

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