Impressive tech support by NEXCESS

NEXCESS I’ve been hosted by NEXCESS for a year now and I must say that it has been an absolutely fantastic experience. The site has been running smoothly without any problems, but what impresses me most is the tech support: every time I’ve contacted them I’ve received a reply from Greg Swaney within five minutes!

Just today I submitted a support ticket, asking them to update the list of IP addresses allowed to SSH into I submitted it at 01:58 PM and at 02:03 PM the address was updated and I can now login again. At this speed email tech support is just as good as calling them on the phone, it is much more like chatting than doing email. Very cool, I would definitely recommend NEXCESS to anybody who are looking for a webhost.


  1. Kristian Kristensen:

    Very cool.

    I’ve had pretty good experiences so far with a german hoster, that gives you a whole virtual server with root access for next to nothing (they have monthly prices starting at 7 euros). Definitely worth checking out!

  2. Martin Geisler:

    Very interesting… It would be cool to have one’s own server (even a virtual one) out there somewhere. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Greg Swaney:

    Thanks again Martin. We always appreciate the kind words. We’re actually working on our own VPS stuff but don’t have anything ready to go yet.

  4. Martin Geisler:

    Hi Greg, thanks for stopping by! The VPS sounds cool, I’ll look forward to that.

    With such a setup I’ll begin playing with Python. As far as I know (and from searching your forums) mod_python isn’t supported yet on NEXCESS?

  5. Greg Swaney:

    That’s correct. We have python installed but not mod_python for apache.

  6. Martin Geisler:

    Okay. I’m already using Python to generate Planet DAIMI and I generally like what I see in Python. So is there any chance of mod_python being enabled?

  7. Greg Swaney:

    I just checked the server and it says “mod_python is installed and is the latest version.”

    So it looks like you’re in luck! :D

  8. Martin Geisler:

    Hey! You’re right! Thanks!

    I had actually tried to get this to work some time ago, and then I concluded that mod_python wasn’t active, even though I could see it in the output of phpinfo().

    And indeed, if I try out the testing example given in the the docs for mod_python 3.2, then it doesn’t work. But the 2.7 version does!

    I have no idea how big the difference is between those two versions… I’m happy to know that I can now begin moving (slowly) to Python.

  9. Kenneth:

    Yup. I also can attest to Greg’s superb support at Nexcess. I used to do frontline tech/CS support. 18/hours a day
    nearly 7/days a week. Thousands of email. And it’s not an easy job. So I knows just a tad about the biz.

    Greg is prompt, knowledgable, and customer friendly. It’s like talking to the good guy hacker next door. ;-). If you
    need a hosting service use Nexcess. No b.s.

  10. yusuf:

    yes you can find fast technical support on

  11. David Aimi:

    We’ve used Nexcess for several months now with several accounts. We have a dedicated server environment, and a seperate Magento environment. Needless to say their servers haul tail. Support is almost always rapid response, or at least a follow up to let you know they’ll be working on your issue. I recommend them, and they’re located in the U.S. and have their own datacenter.

  12. Greg Swaney:

    Just found this again. Thanks Kenneth. I really appreciate it! I’m still at Nexcess, 10 years this August and still going strong! :) We appreciate all the props for our hosting services!

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