The Perfect Storm and Mission to Mars

I saw both film last weekend, and figured that I might as well write a bit about them.

I had already seen Mission to Mars in the theaters, so I knew that it was a very good film. It tells the story about how the first visit by humans on Mars goes terrible wrong. The rescue-crew also gets it’s share of problems, but the do make the trip (at least most of them does).

On Mars, they go out to investigate a strange object, that has killed all but one of the members of the first mission. In the end of the film, they solve several of the greatest questions in life, such as the true origin of Man — a very nice ending in my opinion.

It’s also very nice to see a good film, with new actors. I didn’t know any of the actors beforehand (and one of them, Connie Nielsen, is even a Dane :-). But the all played excellent.

I’m glad that I didn’t pay to see The Perfect Storm in theaters. It’s kind of a pointless story about some fishermen, who sail directly into the worst weather ever. Stupid — they all die in the end.

The first half of the film tries to tell a sad story about marries that have gone wrong. Nothing really happens, we just hear and see glimpses of the mens history. Then in the second half, they have sailed out to catch “shit-load of fish.” But when they finally catch the fish, they’re out of ice to cool them. With the storm coming, they now have the choice between dumping the fish and sailing the long way home, or try to sail right through the storm.

I don’t have to say, that they choose the last option, and we then spend the rest of the film waiting for them to be rescued. But a 100 feet wave sends the boat to the bottom of the ocean, and George Clooney stays aboard.

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  1. ShadoHHR:

    One of my personal favorite sci-fi ‘feel-good’ movies … a great cast - well acted - plausible story … no other words are needed, except if you haven’t already seen it, DO SO!

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