This tutorial only scratched the surface of PHP — there are many more things to learn. I’ve tried to collect some of the best resources below, please leave a comment with more relevant links.

  • PHP Manual The definitive guide to all things PHP. The annotated version with user comments is a rich source of information and tips about PHP. It even has a tutorial — use it!

  • Google Directory Here you will find tons of links to other places online with information about PHP.


  1. ary:

    Thanks a lot for opening my door to knowledge and skill enhancement.

  2. Dan:

    I am trying to learn php and I am having trouble find out how to retrieve data from the user in my program.
    having them enter something in and for me to put it in a varible.

    I you new?


  3. Nigel A. Gunn:

    Great tutorial. Very useful.
    If only I could print it as one document instead of several pages surrounded by “rubbish”.

  4. Martin Geisler:

    Yeah, you’re right about the rubbish… the pages are made with WordPress and I haven’t bothered to figure out how one can make a combined page (or if it is possible at all?).

    Copy-paste into any word processor could be an okay solution for now…

  5. geoff howard:

    hey martin, today is the 21st of january and i just went through your whole tutorial. i noticed you said today is your birthday, so happy birthday brah. ironically my best friend’s birthday is today as well. hope ur having a blast. and thx for this tutorial, it’s great. later.

  6. Martin:

    Hi Geoff! Thanks, I had a very nice birthday yesterday. I’m glad you liked the tutorial :-)

  7. Dave:

    Wow what a nice tutorial. Was a big help to me. Thanks

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