Where are the hand-ins?

I’m the teaching assistant for the Thursday class in dSik (the security course at [DAIMI][]) and the deadline for handing in the first assignment is tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. But so far I have only received five hand-ins… So I either have a very small class (yeah, then I won’t have to spend so much time correcting the hand-ins) or I have a class that likes to wait until the very last moment. Probably the last… I normally did my hand-ins like that :-)


  1. Kristian Kristensen:

    So now you get to see it from the other side of the table :-)
    And why should they be any different from the rest of us :-)

  2. Martin Geisler:

    Yes, you’re right… it’s just that the first hand-in is an easy exercise and people have have two weeks to do it now (because of the Easter break). But you’re right — things will always take the time the things can take :-)

  3. Kristian Kristensen:

    Actually I have this essay I need to write for a course. And you can pretty much guess how far I am with it… Pretty much like your students ;-)

  4. Martin Geisler:

    Well, I hope you get through with it. Here the assignments have been coming in bit by bit…

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