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January 09, 2009

Ubehageligt Ubehageligt

Where did it go?

Posted at 08:38, filed under Uncategorized.

I seem to have lost track of time.

Who needs it anyway!

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—Rune at Jan 22, 09:07.

January 04, 2009

Bloggings of randomness Bloggings of randomness

Google Search via IPv6 in Firefox

Posted at 12:20, filed under Techie stuff, firefox, IPv6, search.

I’ve been on a bit of a roll with my IPv6′ing the last few days, getting reverse DNS up and running, the mail server set up properly and so on. So by now, you should be able to reach me at - if you have IPv6.

The last thing that really bothered me was that despite having the IPv6 Google as my start page in Firefox, all my searches were still IPv4. That is, until I found out how to create an “Open Search Description”-document. If you want, you can add Google IPv6 search - or view the file yourself before doing it.

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December 18, 2008

Flight Log Flight Log

British humour

Posted at 17:04, filed under Things British.

On the bottom of my last Innocent juice bottle:

“Stop looking at my bottom!!”

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December 07, 2008

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Tune down your face

Posted at 23:06, filed under Random.

During one of the only quiet moments today, I got the strange idea to pick up my old bass and try to play some stuff. Now I haven’t played in many years, so there is definitely a challenge in that for me.

First I realized that I had forgotten pretty much everything I used to be able to play, but even worse my little finger didn’t think it was a lot of fun to hammer those nasty strings. I also can’t play as fast as I used to.

After finally figuring out how to play parts of just one song (of course I couldn’t just pick an easy one), I tried to play along, but again there was a problem. It was almost as if the whole thing was a step off. Yeah, figures I had also forgotten to tune down by one step.

It’s fun to try again, but it’s going to take some effort to get back to a reasonable skill level. Not that I have anything to use that for, I guess I just don’t like forgetting things.

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December 05, 2008

Ubehageligt Ubehageligt


Posted at 03:49, filed under Rant.

I want to go to sleep, but apparently my head is exploding. It must be terrorists. Panic! Panic! Panic!



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November 30, 2008

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Purity and Death

Posted at 21:19, filed under Random.

No this is not the post in which I will reveal myself as some kind of psycho killer (that one’s coming later), but it’s about music and all the bullshit you always hear about it. I listen to many different genres (usually the type most others consider noise), but currently death metal seems to be the favorite.

Personally I was under the impression that death metal was all noise and cookie monster vocals until I actually tried to listen to it. As it turns out, some of the better death metal acts I found actually demonstrated incredible skill, musical quality and (of course) brutality at the same time. Others were just as I imagined them: random guitar noise with pretend-to-be-scary vocals. I think the type of death metal most people hear is usually the latter.

But then comes the genre confusion. There are so many subgenres it’s not even funny, and of course it is important to belong to the “correct” one. For the purists, this labeling is the very meaning of life. There is a general tendency to rate something higher if it is old and has a low production quality, since anything that is well-produced is obviously too trendy.

I’m just there for the music, not the stereotypes or the silly labels. To enjoy metal you need neither long hair nor black clothes (I just happen to like that color). I hate to disappoint, but I am also not a satanist, neither in the religious nor in the philosophical sense.

One thing the purists have got right is the following: lots of modern metal is incredibly diluted and boring (actually lots of old metal is pretty boring too). Not everything is, but it’s just so incredibly hard to find the stuff that isn’t, mostly because the best stuff takes a bit of effort to fully appreciate and therefore it tends never really to enter the mainstream.

Oh well. In any case, Chuck is still my hero. In fact, I can hear him in the background now, “spi-rit crusherrrrrr” :)

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Did anyone ever tell you that you think too much!

Hugs from France :-)

—Dina at Dec 01, 09:32.

Don’t you mean I TALK too much? I hear that one a lot more :)

Oh well, have fun in France.

—Mikkel at Dec 01, 16:21.

Please write the “psycho killer” post now!

Can I get the first signed copy?

Does it involve small nasty animals?

Can I get infected by it?

—Rune at Dec 02, 07:43.

Yes it involves small nasty animals and yes, you can and you will get infected. Just remember the duct tape to prevent “explosions”. You know what I’m talking about :)

—Mikkel at Dec 02, 13:41.

You? Talking too much!?
Well I once told an American guy that you are the quiet type, and he completely disagreed!

However, his credibility is pretty low, as he tried to convince me that you were talking about unmounting bulls. That, for me, was the final proof that he must have been talking about some other Danish guy, who talked a lot, rather than you.

—Dina at Dec 06, 14:17.

The thing is most people don’t seem that happy when I start talking, so in most cases I say nothing. I also like just listening sometimes, but when I really get started people who will listen notice two things:
1. Although (for many reasons!) I am haunted by quite dark thoughts, I am actually a very positive person. Under the black jacket is one big chunk of cherry-flavored ice cream. And anyone who doesn’t like cherry flavor can just go suffer for all eternity!
2. I really talk too much if given half a chance.
3. I can’t count.
4. I also recycle jokes.

And actually the story about the bulls, yeah that was my story. It’s really very innocent.

—Mikkel at Dec 06, 16:17.

November 27, 2008

Ubehageligt Ubehageligt

Moments of pure terror

Posted at 02:41, filed under Rant.

It’s not going to happen this time.

It’s not.

Sleep paralysis SUCKS.

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It happened again! It’s really not very pleasant to be awake without being able to move.

Apparently it’s supposed to be more likely to happen if you don’t sleep well at night. Considering I don’t sleep well ever, I guess that could have something to do with it :)

—Mikkel at Nov 28, 23:50.

November 23, 2008

The Blog of Thomas The Blog of Thomas

Live at NWERC 2008

Posted at 12:04, filed under Uni.

I’m currently sitting in Utrecht in the Netherlands watching the live scoreboard of the 2008 North-Western European Programming Contest (NWERC 2008). I’m the coach for the two danish teams, and they seem to be doing somewhat better than last time.

There is a LIVE scoreboard and also live webcams.

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November 20, 2008

Ubehageligt Ubehageligt

The Celebration of Gills

Posted at 17:28, filed under Too much TV.

Yesterday I got my greasy little hands on the new Futurama movie. I found it to be quite good, certainly better than the last two movies. For some reason, Zoidberg remains my favorite Futurama character (all he ever wanted was to sing and dance, but now his fancy clothes make him a doctor!). He is my hero and if I could, I would finance his next toenail feast.

The one thing I can’t help thinking is that although I enjoy the movies, they really should just makes a new season of the series. I think that format somehow suits it better.

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Was that the one on dungeons and dragons?

I am counting on being invited to your place as soon as we hit Denmark

—Dina at Nov 21, 00:46.

Yep, Bender’s Game is what it’s called. And sure you guys are welcome to visit. I cannot use the excuse I used in Amsterdam with the small, uninteresting room.

Here I have several rooms (oooh), with furniture that isn’t red!

And don’t worry about bringing anything to drink, I will make sure I have specially prepared and completely non-explosive beer. I mean it’s not like I’m some kind of primitive person who would somehow try to get revenge over such a small thing.

—Mikkel at Nov 21, 02:19.

What? Who ??? Primitive..?
nooo more like ” hey, see that new guy, lets pick on him!”

Nice with non-red furniture…
when ever I see a red door i feel llike painting it! ;-)

—Dina at Nov 21, 13:03.

Let me guess, you want to Paint it Black? :)

—Mikkel at Nov 21, 14:45.

Exactly! ;-)

—Dina at Nov 23, 00:59.

November 19, 2008

Ubehageligt Ubehageligt

Flesh and the Power It (Finally) Holds

Posted at 18:38, filed under Uncategorized.

I decided to try just one more time without really taking it seriously on Raining Blood medium, and of course this time I nailed it. Why are things always harder when you really concentrate?

In general, I operate at about 1% of my capacity whenever one of the following conditions holds:
1. Someone else is in the same room.
2. I care about the outcome.

It’s amazing what I can do otherwise. It is obvious what I must do, I need to stop caring. But I’m also a very sensitive hippie who likes to hug trees. Help, the dilemma is making me cry!

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Yeah, hugging helps. I hug a lot of guys and it helps me to get all of my frustrations and aggressions out.

We meet every Thursday night at 8 for two hours of hugging.

—Rune at Nov 20, 15:00.

And you make lots of eye contact, am I right?

—Mikkel at Nov 20, 16:51.

November 17, 2008

Ubehageligt Ubehageligt

Flesh and the Power It Lacks

Posted at 18:04, filed under Vampirism is not a curse.

I cannot seem to get more than 4 stars on Raining Blood medium, and I tried for almost all of 10 minutes. Curse these clumsy fingers and the skill I lack!

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Statement: All clumsy meatbags will suffer!

—HK-47 at Nov 17, 18:07.

November 12, 2008

Ubehageligt Ubehageligt

The big brain am winning again

Posted at 18:59, filed under Too much TV.

There should be some way to combine stack frames and pizza. And blast beats! In fact, forget the stack frames and the pizza.

Ah screw the whole thing.

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November 08, 2008

Ubehageligt Ubehageligt

Supersize your ego

Posted at 21:03, filed under Rant.

I finally watched (most of) “Supersize Me” not too long ago. On the surface it’s all something with which everyone can easily agree. Of fastfood is so bad for you, everyone knows that. Yes, we don’t need more people to cash in on it yet again.

The reason it annoys me is the way it’s done. The guy in the movie (what is his name anyway) first shows us his above-average health and vegan cook girlfriend. Congratulations, you are the elite, telling the uneducated masses what to do, slowly so our tiny brains can work it through. The best scene was him eating a supersize meal and vomiting out of his car window because there was so much to eat. Yeah, we all know how freaking huge McDonalds burgers are, I mean it’s practically impossible to eat one on your own.

Attacking the fast food industry is a cheap trick. You know, lowest common denominator journalism (much like this blog, oh I’m not beyond attacking myself :) ).

Come on, there’s got to be something a little more confrontational out there. Opinions we haven’t heard a billion times before or simply ideas that are not already agreed upon by 99% of the population.

I was about to post one such idea here, but then I realized two things:
1. People don’t care about the world they live in anyway.
2. The ones who do would probably just be mad at me.
3. I can’t count.

So instead I will attempt to control my misanthropic tendencies for the time being and order a pizza. Extra cheese. Supersize. Oh wait, I already did.

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Wait a minute, didn’t I promise it wouldn’t be serious? Sorry :)

—mk at Nov 08, 21:05.

We should go see Bill Maher’s new documentary “Religilous”. It’s supposedly mighty entertaining and very very confrontational (it doesn’t get much more confrontational than questioning peoples imaginary friends).


—thm at Nov 12, 14:42.

I wouldn’t mind. After all, you and I share similar imaginary friends. You worship the spaghetti monster, and my religion is quite similar. In fact, the only difference is that my monster is a pizza monster.

In case you were wondering, it’s pepperoni pizza.

—Mikkel at Nov 12, 18:49.

I’m sure his noodly master used his holy appendages to form the very pizza you are now eating.

—thm at Nov 12, 19:53.

I didn’t eat any pizza today. Just saying my monster is made of pizza.

Well that sounds a little weird, but you know what I mean :)

—Mikkel at Nov 13, 00:59.

November 06, 2008

Ubehageligt Ubehageligt

The epic struggle between good and evil

Posted at 16:52, filed under Rant.

Sorry for the political content, but I was quite annoyed when I read in the news yesterday that a political party (that shall remain unnamed for now) wanted to force psychiatric patients to take their medicine. I’m wondering exactly what this means, because I thought they already used force in the worst cases.

The dangerous part I think is what I call zombie medicine. Yes you heard me, zombie medicine. It’s nothing supernatural, it’s just the way people behave after taking it. I have a pretty good idea why such medicine is used, because zombies are not known to complain (okay they devour brains but they don’t complain about it!).

I realize that the idea is that untreated mental problems can lead to some seriously disturbed people killing others, and therefore it should be treated properly. Sure, we can agree on that. It’s pretty much self-explanatory that you don’t let people with homicidal tendencies run around killing people. Seriously.

But from where I’m standing it doesn’t look quite so altruistic. While one of the motives is obviously to prevent people from disrupting society, I’m wondering if that is not the only motive. What about the people who are not going to kill someone (or the largely ignored group of people wanting to kill themselves), do we just medicate them and forget about them again? I just don’t think our dear politicians worry too much about that part.

Then again, this was all from text TV, so maybe I did miss something :)

And before you even THINK of mentionining it, no I haven’t taken my medicine (or my vitamins).

Yes master, I shall undertake this task for you alone. No, I serve only you, please don’t hurt me again!

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I promise to write something a lot less serious later on. I care much about my audience of about 2-3 readers :)

—mk at Nov 06, 16:55.

October 27, 2008

Martin Geisler Online Martin Geisler Online

Where to put the mail?

Posted at 00:16, filed under Computing, Personal.

DAIMI has decided to rename itself to CS, and as part of that process my current address of will change to Okay, I can live with that, except that they apparently want to disable the old address at some point next year! That is stupid if you ask me — there are many, many papers out there that reference a address, and I have been using it for all my software development in the last couple of years.

So instead of just going with as my new address I want a new address, probably, which is a not-so-well-known address I’ve had for a while. Please let me know what do you think of that address.

Three days ago I got a mail from the DAIMI, ehmm…, CS staff that informed me that they will be changing their mail system next Saturday. I’m affected by this since I’ve already hacked their system by upgrading it to Dovecot instead of whatever old and slow IMAP server they were using. So I have until Saturday to either migrate my mail back to their slow server or to move to somewhere else.

The domain is hosted at DreamHost, and they provide all the space I could ever want. Except that they only allow 2000 mails in the INBOX folder! I have 3207 mails at the moment for the year 2008, so this will be sort of annoying for me. Also, their SPAM filter seems a bit crude: it will only allow me to see the messages in the quarantine folder by logging into their webmail system. And I hate such systems.

Another option is to move everything to Gmail — and access it through IMAP. A number of people seem to use Gnus with Gmail, so I guess it will work okay. There is even a Gmail Lab thingy that will let you make Gmail behave more like a normal IMAP server. I don’t know how good Gmail’s SPAM filter is, but I assume it is good? Though, after hearing from Claudio that it has flagged two of my mails to viff-devel as SPAM for no apparent reason I am not really sure.

Right now CS does some graylisting for me and run the mails through SpamAssassin. I run them through SA a second time with my own settings. During the last week I caught about 200 SPAMs by this second filter. By moving to Gmail I would have a much harder time doing such custom filtering (at least if it should be done asynchronously and before the mail hits my folders). Moving to DreamHost would allow me to setup any wacky scheme I want for now, but they too want to consolidate their mail on special servers with no support for .forward files.

Hmm… It sounds like Gmail would be the simplest solution. There is of course the issue about privacy, but I guess Google knows what I’m doing anyway… :-)

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Well, my suggestion would - obviously - be to use our email system. It’s quite good, it’s well run, and it just works. With regards to the to change, you should take that up with the department head if you feel strongly about the decision. It is not something the systems staff has been involved in.

—Rune Broberg at Nov 18, 10:51.

So what solution did you end up with?

—Therese at Dec 07, 00:33.

I moved everything to Gmail. Their IMAP offering is a bit weird, though. Emails can be labelled and will show up in folders corresponding to the labels. Deleting a mail is then equivalent to removing a label — it does not really delete the mail until you delete it from all folders.

Filtering is also poor with Gmail, I cannot match on arbitrary headers. This is annoying with the DAIMI-spam which I can no longer filter out. I’m thinking of people sending mails to by putting the address in the Bcc field.

So it’s not perfect, but Gmail will have to do for now. I guess I’ll eventually move things to a better host outside DAIMI. Moving things back is also an option, but then I’ll have to move things in two years anyway when I finish the PhD.

—Martin Geisler at Dec 07, 20:10.

Мог бы долго с вами спорить на эту тему :)

—Doctor at Jan 11, 16:40.

Огромное вам человеческое спасибо, очень актуальная заметка.

—Erectile at Jan 11, 23:14.