Planet Goodness!

Spinning round and round... I’ve updated the planet so that it grabs the comment feeds and attaches the comments to the appropriate posts. Right now it uses all the comments it can get hold of — the number should perhaps be limited. Or posts with new comments should be pulled to the top? This could be sorted with JavaScript, but I don’t want to mess with it right now. Feel free to beat me to it :-)

I’ve also digged deep in my image archive and found some images of Lars, Mikkel, and Janus. If you guys have any better images then just send them to me. I’ve tried to correct the colors a bit, so if you have any complaints just let me know.


  1. Martin:

    Hmm… I’ve just noticed that the comments on Lars’ blog isn’t found correctly. Strange — I’ll try and investigate it when I get home, now I’m off to catch the bus at 7:20 :-/

  2. Thomas:

    Well, the functionality is great - I think the planet will cut the time I waste every hour checking blogs quite dramatically ;)

  3. Martin:

    Cool, I hope to optimize the productivity of the whole DAIMI-gang like this! :-)

  4. Martin:

    More hmm… it seems that the RSS feed from Lars’s blog is sent out with a wrong Last-Modified header. Right now it says:

    Last-Modified: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 17:26:06 GMT

    while the last entry in the feed is from Tue, 24 Jan 2006 08:46:30 +0000, with the feed being published at Tue, 24 Jan 2006 09:33:20 +0000. I guess there’s a bug, but where?

  5. Rune:

    He he… Cool pictures ;-)

  6. Martin:

    I also had a picture of Lars smoking a lakrids-pipe… maybe that would be even cooler… Lars? :-)

    The old picture of me was deemed unsuitable for public viewing by the Powers That Be, but luckily those same Powers were able to decide on another one, so I’m updated as well :-)

  7. Stéphanie:

    Powers That Be — that’d be me then, wouldn’t it? :D

  8. Martin Geisler:

    Oh no! We’ve been discovered by the Powers That Be…! :-)

  9. Lars Hvam:

    LOL, I love those pictures

  10. Thomas Mølhave:

    Martin: I liked your old picture better, but I like those of Mikkel, Janus and Lars (especially that of Lars :) ).

  11. Rune:

    Yeah, I also liked the old picture of Martin better!!!

  12. Stéphanie:

    Too late guys — The Power That Be has spoken! :P

  13. Rune:

    Control your woman ;-)

  14. Thomas:

    yeah, It’s time to stop whining and start fighting the opressive powers!

  15. Stéphanie:

    Well — That’s the outcome of leaving me all on my own at home. There’s no one to fight but you guys and your opressive powers :P

    Am leaving this place now — it’s all yours again :D

  16. Martin Geisler:

    Okay children… daddy is back, so you can stop fighting now :-)

  17. Rune:

    Stop talking crazy and make yourself useful… do the laundry or something…

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