Spot the fake smile!

Smile! I’m starting to get a bit tired of reading about the silly so-called Cartoon Crisis, so here’s something much more positive for you to read about: smiles! :-)

Stéphanie found this funny little test at the BBC homepage where you have to look at 20 videos of people smiling — but some of the smiles are fake. You can only see each video once, so you have to pay attention, much like in real life when people smile at you. And don’t worry, the test is fairly quick, I guess it took 15 minutes or so.

I was able to guess correctly 16 times out of 20, which apparently is fairly good since they write that most people are bad at distinguishing between real and fake smiles.

Take the test!


  1. Rune:

    Actually, I can see that the smile on your face from planet DAIMI is fake ;-)

  2. mairieh:

    yes yes thats true!!! u are good in spotting ”fake smiles” because your smile is kinda ”fake”…………….!!!!! but me too you know!!! I am good in spotting fake smiles but i think thats because i have fake smile………………… anyway……………..bye…. peace!

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