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Congratulations with the 0×32 years!

Pretend you see 50 candles... My dad turns fifty today, but he prefers to write it 0x32 so that he can still pretend to be young! :-) He has been pretending to age backwards since before I can remember, and last year he even started counting in hexadecimal… I think it’s rather clever.

Anyway… if you want to make him really happy, then go and order the time management software he has developed :-) Disclaimer: I did not write the homepage, in particular I cannot take any responsibility for the generous use of Java applets… :-/ Disclaimer two: My dad didn’t write the page either, and his product has nothing to do with homepages: the Planner is a system used for booking and order management. At the moment it is primarily used by repair shops (some 75 garages spread out over the country), but I know that my mom is using it too.

Enough with the advertising — Happy Birthday Dad!

Slut, prut, finale!

Phew! I had my last exam in Zurich today. It was an oral exam, and my impression was that it went okay — I cannot know for sure since they did not give me my grade right away, something which I find a bit strange… but it doesn’t matter: what matters is that I’m now done with all six exams. It’s finito, abgeschlossen, simply done! I just love the feeling of pure relaxation after an exam period!

Todays exam lasted just 15 minutes (which seems to be the standard for oral exams without preparation here at the ETH) but nevertheless it took me the whole day. This is because I had to go by train from Stéphanie’s parents’ place to the university — a journey all the way across Switzerland from Wallis in the south to Zurich in the north-east. It took 3½ hours each way!

To make things more complicated I also had to visit a bunch of libraries in Zurich to hand back some of the books Stéphanie had borrowed there… so I had no chance of getting nervous before the exam since I was touring the city on foot and with trams (trolleys, streetcars).

It’s good to be done… now Stéphanie and I will pack our stuff and get ready to go to Denmark next Tuesday by the night train. Stéphanie will only stay a few days before she flies home via London. Unfortunaly we didn’t get an appartment in time for us to move in during those days when Stéphanie is with me in Denmark, but we do have an appartment! We (or rather I) can move in from April 1st.

It is not the biggest appartment ever, but we hope it will be alright — but it is cheap (just 2.800 DKK plus electricity) and very central, heck, I have just 900 m to where my office will be! We’ll have a chance to see it first hand when we come to Århus next week, and then we’ll know more.

That’s all for now — see you all next week in Århus! (Unless you happen to live somewhere else… in which case we probably wont be seeing each other… arrgh… you know what I mean :-)

Bye, bye, Buchs!

We’re moving out of our appartment in Buchs, so we’ve been busy packing stuff into lots of boxes:

Packing our stuff

The plan is to pack down all our things today and then Stéphanie’s sister Marié-Thèrese and her husband Adrian will come with a big car tonight and bring it all down to Wallis. Stéphanie and I will then clean the appartment tomorrow with help from Stéphanie’s other sister, Barbara.

I’ll take the train down to Wallis on Sunday whereas Stéphanie will stay “nearby” in Berne so that she can come back to Buchs on Monday to hand over the keys. While in Wallis I’ll study for my next and final exam in Web Algorithms which is on Friday, March 3rd.

After that exam I’ll pack my stuff and finally we’ll go home to Denmark on March 7th with the night train, so we will arrive on the next day (Wednesday). My Mom and Dad will be there to pick us up and we’ll stay in Aalborg until Friday where I have to go to Århus for a ph.d. meeting and to bring Stéphanie to the airport.

So if you don’t hear too much from me in the next couple of weeks, then it’s probably because my computer is packed down somewhere or because I’m studying for an exam, or simply because I’m too lazy to answer :-)

Happy Birthday, Lars!

Congratulations! “I dag er det Lars’ fødselsdag, hurra, hurra, hurra!” and so the song goes on… :-)

I hope you have a nice day with lots of cake (hopefully with more than just one candle in it) and some good presents.

New faces on the Planet!

Expanding the Planet After some succesful lobbing by Thomas, Rune decided to start a blog (just writing “Rune” should be unambigious now that the other Rune has changed name to Evil Princess kirkebrand…). So he is now a (proud?) member of Planet DAIMI as well.

I also found and added Dan’s blog. If you guys know of any other blogs you want added, then send me a mail.