Bye, bye, Buchs!

We’re moving out of our appartment in Buchs, so we’ve been busy packing stuff into lots of boxes:

Packing our stuff

The plan is to pack down all our things today and then Stéphanie’s sister Marié-Thèrese and her husband Adrian will come with a big car tonight and bring it all down to Wallis. Stéphanie and I will then clean the appartment tomorrow with help from Stéphanie’s other sister, Barbara.

I’ll take the train down to Wallis on Sunday whereas Stéphanie will stay “nearby” in Berne so that she can come back to Buchs on Monday to hand over the keys. While in Wallis I’ll study for my next and final exam in Web Algorithms which is on Friday, March 3rd.

After that exam I’ll pack my stuff and finally we’ll go home to Denmark on March 7th with the night train, so we will arrive on the next day (Wednesday). My Mom and Dad will be there to pick us up and we’ll stay in Aalborg until Friday where I have to go to Århus for a ph.d. meeting and to bring Stéphanie to the airport.

So if you don’t hear too much from me in the next couple of weeks, then it’s probably because my computer is packed down somewhere or because I’m studying for an exam, or simply because I’m too lazy to answer :-)


  1. Thomas:

    Good luck with the exam and the moving. I am looking forward to you joining the gang here in Turing-0 :).
    “Web-algorithms”, that sounds so… like …. queer :) Terms like Randomized, dynamic, external memory, computational geometry, and cache-oblivious algorithms sounds much more cool and less XML’ish :)

  2. Martin Geisler:

    Then I’m sure you will be happy to hear that Web Algorithms has nothing to do with XML or any such sissy technology :-) It’s about strategic games with Nash equilibria, online algorithms and such…

  3. Thomas:

    Yeah, I did check out the course web page. I was just complaining about the “name” of the course, not the content :)

  4. Ronald:

    Gotcha nice blog here

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