Congratulations with the 0×32 years!

Pretend you see 50 candles... My dad turns fifty today, but he prefers to write it 0x32 so that he can still pretend to be young! :-) He has been pretending to age backwards since before I can remember, and last year he even started counting in hexadecimal… I think it’s rather clever.

Anyway… if you want to make him really happy, then go and order the time management software he has developed :-) Disclaimer: I did not write the homepage, in particular I cannot take any responsibility for the generous use of Java applets… :-/ Disclaimer two: My dad didn’t write the page either, and his product has nothing to do with homepages: the Planner is a system used for booking and order management. At the moment it is primarily used by repair shops (some 75 garages spread out over the country), but I know that my mom is using it too.

Enough with the advertising — Happy Birthday Dad!


  1. Mikkel:

    Well happy birthday to him then!

    I guess I’m only 0×18 years old, so in the hexadecimal world, I’ve only been allowed to vote for a few months.

  2. Nigel A. Gunn:

    If you wan’t to save candles on your birthday cake: write your age in binary, place a row of candles on the cake, light a candle for a ! and leave it out for a 0.
    Even more efficient, a candle for a 1 and a space for a 0.

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