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All our bags are packed…

Dannebrog … we’re ready to go! Tra-lala-lala! :-) It’s the middle of the night and Stéphanie and I are ready to go back to Denmark. We’ll take the train from Aarau at five o’clock heading for Zürich and then fly to Copenhagen at seven — in the morning that is!

There we’ll go to the big U2 Vertigo concert in Parken — I’ve been listening to their music the last couple of days so that I can be well prepared :-)

I’ll be going to Aalborg after the concert to visit my family, and later I’ll go to Århus to visit all the guys (and girls) at Skejbygård and DAIMI (that will be guys only…). I’m really looking forward to it!

I’ll be at the Gurtenfestival 2005

The Amazing Gurtenfestival 2005 logo Today Stéphanie and I will go to Berne (hmm… I’ve always just written “Bern”, using the Swiss-German name, but I think the correct English name for the city is “Berne”. Please correct me if I’m wrong.) to the Gurtenfestival. We’ll be there together with Barbara and Enzo, Stéphanie’s sister and her fiance.

Berne seen from Gurten It’s going to be great I’m sure! Gurten is a small hill just outside Berne with a big park area and I’ve been there once before with Stéphanie on my first visit in Switzerland. You can see Berne from Gurten on the image to the right.

The Gurten park Back then we enjoyed a nice quiet afternoon walking in the big park — I doubt that there will be anything quiet about it this afternoon when the nice, lovely park has been transferred into a big roaring rock, hip-hop, and pop stage! :-) I’ll report on it when I get back home and will post some images.

Eurovision Song Contest, 2005

Denmark in 2nd place Stéphanie and I were watching the yearly Eurovision Song Contest yesterday, and it was a lot of fun! And let me just reveal here at the beginning that Denmark didn’t win… and neither did Switzerland… but Denmark lost to Switzerland! Grrr! :-)

At the beginning things looked really well for Denmark. Our song was quite nice and we quickly rose almost to the top of the charts. And we were ahead of Switzerland, even though they followed us closely.

Switzerland leads! But then something went wrong and suddenly Switzerland was leading the competition, to Stéphanie’s huge enjoyment! Their “Cool Vibes” song by the Vanilla Ninjas was okay, even though the text was a bit strange, containing a chorus with the text “Why did you kill me?”. I think the idea was that someone beyond the grave would talk back to some murderer?

A little later Switzerland have to leave the first place, and Denmark came ahead of Switzerland again. The score remained like that with Denmark being 5–10 points ahead of Switzerland, but then at the very end Switzerland got the maximum 12 points and jumped ahead of Denmark! (Stéphanie was jumping too… :-)

Helena Paparizou, Greece But in the end it didn’t matter — Greece won the contest with a song by Helena Paparizou. In old Greek mythologi Helena was supposed to be the most beautiful woman in the world — and the present day Helena still looks quite pretty.

I don’t remember what the song was about, but I remember that there was some lively choreography where she was lifted up in the air several times. At one point she played something that should look like violin strings while being held in the air — a bit amusing, but nice to look at.

Next year the show will be in Athens, for the first time in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. Seen in that light, it’s only fair that Greece wins after having tried to do so in 31 years :-)

Harmonie Stalden

Yesterday I went with the rest of Stéphanie’s family to hear the yearly concert by the Harmonie Stalden. It was good! Hearing music live is always a great experience, but to see 50 people playing together in such a smooth way is fantastic. I’ve never been able to understand exactly how the director controls the music — everything seems to go by itself — but I think he did a good job yesterday.

The Harmonie Stalden at play

As did all the sololists! The first sololist was on trumpet, and he was great, but I was most excited about the solo by Stéphanie. She played the heavy footsteps of an elephant with her double bass, going “dum-dum dum-dum”. I know it’s silly to write how music sounds, but try to imagine a big elephant in a circus walking around, and it will make a “dum-dum” like sound :-)

Party again…

It’s weekend so we’re having a party here at [Skejbygård][], just as we did the week before, and the week before etc… :-)

I’m currently trying to get SørenMarkert to write something here at the WikiWikiWeb — let’s see how it goes.

!!!AERO concert

I’m a fairly big fan of JeanMichelJarre so I was very excited when I head about his plans about having a concert right here in Denmark. The concert (called AERO) was held last Saturday. It was held in the middle of a windmill park and was a tribute to the wind. I wasn’t present at the concert (the 40,000 tickets were sold out when I discovered it…) but the highligths were broadcast on TV2 tonigth so at least I can get an idea about how it must have been to be there.

It looked spetacular on the tv: over five tons of fireworks was lunched during the concert. The songs were remixes of his old hits, he had added some elements of wind to some of them, but you could easily recognize the themes from Equinoxe and Magnetic Fields and others.

But although the concert was meant to be about the wind, it turned out to be about rain also. The Danish weather really showed it’s worst side that day and poured 22 mm of rain down over the concert area. So everything turned into a muddy hell. There was really a lot of rain — I could see how the keyboards were sprinckled with small drops of water, even though Jean Michel Jarre was under a roof. It’s amazing that the equitment could handle all the moisture.

So now that I know about the rain and mud, perhaps it was lucky that I didn’t get a ticket.