Harmonie Stalden

Yesterday I went with the rest of Stéphanie’s family to hear the yearly concert by the Harmonie Stalden. It was good! Hearing music live is always a great experience, but to see 50 people playing together in such a smooth way is fantastic. I’ve never been able to understand exactly how the director controls the music — everything seems to go by itself — but I think he did a good job yesterday.

The Harmonie Stalden at play

As did all the sololists! The first sololist was on trumpet, and he was great, but I was most excited about the solo by Stéphanie. She played the heavy footsteps of an elephant with her double bass, going “dum-dum dum-dum”. I know it’s silly to write how music sounds, but try to imagine a big elephant in a circus walking around, and it will make a “dum-dum” like sound :-)

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