All our bags are packed…

Dannebrog … we’re ready to go! Tra-lala-lala! :-) It’s the middle of the night and Stéphanie and I are ready to go back to Denmark. We’ll take the train from Aarau at five o’clock heading for Zürich and then fly to Copenhagen at seven — in the morning that is!

There we’ll go to the big U2 Vertigo concert in Parken — I’ve been listening to their music the last couple of days so that I can be well prepared :-)

I’ll be going to Aalborg after the concert to visit my family, and later I’ll go to Århus to visit all the guys (and girls) at Skejbygård and DAIMI (that will be guys only…). I’m really looking forward to it!


  1. Thomas Mølhave:

    Cool. When (approximately) can we expect you at DAIMI?

  2. Martin Geisler:

    I’ve just arrived in Aalborg today and I’ll stay here the rest of the week with my parents (and be visiting the grandparents too). But next week I’ll go to Århus, we just have to setup a time and date. I’ll send you guys a mail or phone you!

  3. Janus Tøndering:

    Apparently you were so ready to leave that you replaced an English word with the Danish translation:

    …We’ll take the train fra Aarau at five o’clock heading…

    Oh, and welcome back to sunny and warm Denmark ;)

  4. Thomas Mølhave:

    Janus: Nitpicker :)
    Martin: How sloppy of you ;)

  5. Martin Geisler:

    Hmm… yes, I was in a hurry, I posted it at 4:16 in the morning! :-) But thanks for noticing — I’ve corrected “english” and “danish” into the proper “English” and “Danish” in your comment as a way of saying thanks ;-)

    And thanks for the welcome — you guys made up for the lukewarm summer.

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