I’m bad, I’m a “Dynamic User”

Just when I thought that I had solved my mail problems the next problem appears: the addresses that Bluewin gives out to its ADSL customers (like Stéphanie and I…) are blocked by MAPS! Aargh!

So now I cannot send mail to any SMTP server which consults the Dynamic User List (DUL) — and so having a private SMTP server is no longer an option. Sending my mail through Bluewin isn’t that good either, considering the problems I had sending mail to SourceForge.

I’ve now complained to Bluewin and I hope they can either fix their SMTP server (or at least explain where my mail went…) or remove their IP addresses from DUL. They’re the only one who can get the IPs removed from DUL, us users cannot do anything. I find this very annoying since my server has never been sending out spam and it has never been configured as an open relay.

Oh, and look at the little stamp-sized window you get to write in when you want to contact the Bluewin customer service:

Do they really think that they will receive fewer complaints just because they make the text-area smaller?


  1. Martin Geisler:

    Hmm… I still haven’t seen a reply from Bluewin. SourceForge on the other hand: they took the time to look through their logs and I think they were very professionel in their help.

  2. Randhil:

    You’ve got to be kidding me—it’s so trnasaprnelty clear now!

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