Party again…

It’s weekend so we’re having a party here at [Skejbygård][], just as we did the week before, and the week before etc… :-)

I’m currently trying to get SørenMarkert to write something here at the WikiWikiWeb — let’s see how it goes.

!!!AERO concert

I’m a fairly big fan of JeanMichelJarre so I was very excited when I head about his plans about having a concert right here in Denmark. The concert (called AERO) was held last Saturday. It was held in the middle of a windmill park and was a tribute to the wind. I wasn’t present at the concert (the 40,000 tickets were sold out when I discovered it…) but the highligths were broadcast on TV2 tonigth so at least I can get an idea about how it must have been to be there.

It looked spetacular on the tv: over five tons of fireworks was lunched during the concert. The songs were remixes of his old hits, he had added some elements of wind to some of them, but you could easily recognize the themes from Equinoxe and Magnetic Fields and others.

But although the concert was meant to be about the wind, it turned out to be about rain also. The Danish weather really showed it’s worst side that day and poured 22 mm of rain down over the concert area. So everything turned into a muddy hell. There was really a lot of rain — I could see how the keyboards were sprinckled with small drops of water, even though Jean Michel Jarre was under a roof. It’s amazing that the equitment could handle all the moisture.

So now that I know about the rain and mud, perhaps it was lucky that I didn’t get a ticket.

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