DreamHost Fun (Madness)!

The hosting company behind Stéphanie’s blog is DreamHost and they’re a crazy bunch of people! :-)

Today they announced on their company blog that they would begin lowering the amount of available disk space and bandwidth for new customers!? This is absurd and never heard of before… they claim to be doing this to regain the reputation they lost during 2006 where people started saying that they were overselling their services.

DreamHost provides 200 GiB of space so I don’t think it should matter the least if they lower it by 0.5 GiB a day… I think it’s super hilarious! :-) Besides, the disk quota increase weekly by 1 GiB, so unless you plan on expanding your site very quickly, then you should never have to worry about disk space at DreamHost.

If you want, then feel free to sign up with DreamHost using this link (which will earn me $97 for referring you) or enter the promo-code MG97 to get the $97 off yourself(!) when signing up. You decide, but $97 off is the maximum saving available.

(If you insist, then use one of MG90, MG80, MG70, MG60, MG50 to save progressively less, from $90 to $50.)


  1. Kristian Kristensen:

    Going into the hosting business are we? Or just the hosting referring business perhaps ;-)

  2. Martin Geisler:

    Yeah, well… sort of :-) People are pushing these codes all over the net so I figured it would be fun to see if people would actually use them.

    I got my promo code from some other friendly geek who took the time to explain what this scheme is all about. So I figured, that if someone was passing by my blog, looking for a new hosting company, then why not give them a promo code…

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