Meeting the Enemy

Everybody must pay the media fee! Yesterday Stéphanie and I had an unpleasant visitor: the License Fee Guy — or whatever you want to call what we call “licensmanden” in Danish…

Since January 1st you have to pay media license fee if you have a computer that can access whatever strange stuff DR decides to put online… and yesterday one of the controllers came by and asked us if we had a TV or a computer. Well, what kind of a stupid question is that to ask people in a building with only young people?! Of course we have a computer — we have two, not counting the two laptops we’ve ended up with!

Luckily the fee is per household, so we “only” have to pay the 2,150 DKK one time and not four… :-/

For 2,000 DKK (about 350 US$) we could have made a small vacation or something similar. Now we have to pay for a service which we don’t really use. I’ve never seen anything of interest on the DR homepage (except their radio shows and I would gladly pay the 320 DKK they cost in annual fees). We also hardly ever watch the two programs broadcast by DR: DR1 or DR2.

The whole idea of having a public service station is okay, but could they please start taking the money from the taxes we pay already? A regular student has about 4,000 DKK a month after taxes. Paying 180 DKK a month for having a computer connected to the Internet comes out to 4.5%(!) of extra taxes. I think that having a media tax of, say, 1% for everybody would be much more fair. Then they could fire the people who spend their days knocking on peoples’ doors…


  1. Mikkel:

    Well, you (probably) voted for the politicians who approved the new media license crap. Show them some love and affection at the next election. Hey, that rhymes :)

  2. Martin Geisler:

    Maybe… I’m not really in to politics, so I don’t know… For all I know, all the parties have probably gone together and made a broad coalition…

  3. On everything, and nothing… » Happiness:

    [...] I also ordered an RGB cable to plug it into the TV which I don’t have. Until they lower the licence, all I have in my room is a radio. I’m not writing this from my computer, and I’m buying the Wii for the TV in the kitchen, which the dormitory pays licence for. And no, I’m not letting the licence man in to verify that it’s true; it’s funny how no-one seems to be at home when he comes down the hall knocking on every door [...]

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