Asian spam — fancy! :-)

Following up on my last post about “poetic spam” (or rather “nonsense spam”) I want to show you how the current wave of spam from Asia looks like (I don’t really know if the text is Chinese or Japanese):

Fancy spam!

This is just plain text and not HTML — but notice how they know how to use all sorts of cute characters like stars and box drawing characters. Much more impressive than most other spam mails I get :-)


  1. Martin Geisler:

    By the way — the font used in Emacs is Terminus, an excellent fixed size font! I switched to terminus-12 for the screenshot, normally I use it in a slightly bigger size of 14 pixels.

    For changing the font in Emacs I opted for defining the emacs.font X resource, so put this in ~/.Xdefaults:

    emacs.font: terminus-14

    Then make sure that the file is read upon login (by xrdb -merge ~/.Xdefaults). The advantage of setting the font there instead of adding

    (set-frame-font "terminus-14")

    to your ~/.emacs file is that the ~/.emacs file is parsed and executed after Emacs has started. So you’ll see the default font for a brief moment, and then Terminus will be used, changing the size of the window — I don’t like that.

    The same technique applies to the toolbar introduced in Emacs 21: put “emacs.toolBar: 0” in your ~/.Xdefaults file and you’ll get rid of it before the window is shows, again saving you some flicker.

  2. kz:

    that’s exactly Japanese DEAIKEI spam.
    Japanese language use frequently Chinese characters, of course.

  3. martin:

    Lidt ligesom det hér:

    ♫ ☺ ♥ ☼ ?

    Deikei, er en form for dating-spam. Din mail ser ud til at tilbyde både skolepiger og SM, hvor er du heldig ☺

  4. Martin Geisler:

    Hmm, ja… sikke heldig jeg er! :-) Men tak for forklaringen.

    Det er i øvrigt en sjov side du har med tips og tricks til Japan, set med danske øjne (eller færøske…). Jeg kunne nemlig også godt selv tænkte mig at se og opleve på tæt hold Japan engang…

  5. foreign brides:

    Asian spam??
    I have never heard abot it..
    I know russian (dating) scam only

  6. Lora:

    The spam is in Japanese; it tells you that you can exchange mesages for free. You have your choice of e-mail or calling, and you are offered to select from among the five boxes below: “amateur,” “married woman,” “a woman willing to pay for sex,” “student” or “SM-type.” The spam comes from awg, aka aqline, which is listed by the anti-spam organization, as one of the 200 worst spammers in the world.

  7. Martin Geisler:

    Thanks for the interesting explaination.

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