Poetic spam? :-)

I sometimes get the most hilarious types of spam, ranging from the plain stupid (those with stuff like %MAKE_TXT[3-6] in the body, a clear sign of someone who was too stupid to figure out how to use their spam-generating software!) to the ones where you cannot read the text because of the obfustication…

And now someone is sending me spam with a text/plain MIME part followed by a text/html part. I’ve of course configured [Gnus][] to prefer the text/plain, and thus I get this (slightly formatting):

Sheriff around take a peek at hydrogen atom beyond curse, but clock for a change of heart about toward anomaly.

Polar bear defined by sheriff, toward trombone, and about briar patch are what made America great!

Vern and I took around microscope (with behind tornado, near fruit cake.

He called her Vern (or was it Vern?). He called her Vern (or was it Vern?).

Behind tuba player, wedding dress around skyscraper, and for hockey player are what made America great!

Strange… and of course it doesn’t help the least bit in defying my trusty SpamAssassin which didn’t appreciate the poetic elements and gave the mail a score of 34.7 points. Everything with a score of 5 points of more is considered spam, so this mail was actually really, really bad. SpamAssassin is working very well for me, I would say that it is 99.9% correct — I cannot even remember having seeing it mark a good email (sometimes called ham) as spam. You should give it a try too if you’re annoyed by spam.

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