Looking for the big love?

Cleavage... Then try The Love Search made by my friend Svend. It’s an interactive sorting-interface to something called A Foreign Affair, which is a site which specialized in mail-order brides from Eastern Europe and Asia.

I must say that I find the concept of ordering a bride per mail somewhat disturbing, but maybe that’s just because I’m lucky enough to live in one of the worlds most richest states — you can interpret “live in” as both Switzerland and Denmark, it doesn’t really change things… :-)

Maybe I wouldn’t find it so strange if it weren’t for all the girls there who literally sell themselves to find a future husband from the West. I mean, is it really necessary to pose in a swimsuit to attract your future husband?! Or to show a cleavage all the way down to your belly botton? Apparently it is — those 16 years that have passed since the fall of the Berlin Wall have not stopped people from wanting to come to the West.

To me it looks very cheap, fake and made-up, and that’s definitely not the kind of qualities I would be looking for in a future bride. Not that I’m looking… I have already found the most wonderful girl in Stéphanie — who is both beautiful, honest, and smart!

What is interesting about Svend’s site (from a technical point of view) is the interactive sorting — you basically conduct a merge sort on the photos of the women. It works pretty well, and should be useful for other things as well. Maybe someone could write a plugin for Gallery2 to allow visitors to sort the images like that…

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  1. russian brides:

    Mail order brides - it is a old techology for meetuing foreign husband.
    About pictures in bikini.
    Some girls guess foreign men like it.
    But it is a big mistake.
    Some years ago, one girl send to our agency alot of pics.
    Couple of them was topless.
    We have posted some her pics (in T-shirt and jeans) to our website.
    And she has many letters from man and she finded her soulmate.

    Some girls (and agencies) guess bikini foto is great. But it is a mistake.

    But we collected bikini for man, whi like to view them.

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