Cool, new books!

Today I ordered some new books at Amazon or my new courses. I always love to buy books, for books are nice to have. Especially when they are interesting like these:

I’m really looking forward to receiving them.


  1. Kristian Kristensen:

    During our study trip to San Francisco we attended a guest lecture at Stanford University by Gary McGraw where he talked about the topic of his book: Exploting Software.
    It was pretty interesting, plus he is a energetic speaker :-)

    A couple of my fellow students had read the book before the trip, and had brought it for Gary to sign. Very nice :-)

    Btw. he speaks Danish - or a little at least. He knows the infamous Danish sentence: “Rødgrød med fløde”.

  2. Martin:

    Wow, cool! While we’re name-dropping, then let me just say that I’m having lectures with Bertrand Meyer who wrote the book on Object-Oriented Software Construction. It was only after I looked at the description of the book on Amazon that I discovered that he Eiffel programming language. I don’t know the language (yet) but it’s still pretty cool :-)

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