Trying a McSwiss

The McDonald’s here in Switzerland look pretty much like they do in Denmark, except that they all carry advertisments for some sort of special Swiss raclette burger. Being hungry and curious I decided gave it a try.

Having ordered a medium sized menu for 13 CHF I wondered — where is my ketchup for the Pommes Frites? Well, it seems you have to order that yourself. They’ve changed that back and forth in Denmark too, sometimes you could help yourself, at other times you got little plastic bags, and sometimes you even have to pay for them. Why cant they just make up their mind and decide on just giving it away?

Anyway… I was more interested in the Swiss burger. It was basically a piece of ciabatta bread with some sauce at the bottom, a piece of meat and some raclette-like cheese at the top. Not that interesting, IMHO. Next time I go to McDonald’s I think I’ll go for a BigMac or maybe I wont go there at all — I like Burger King better anyway. There’s just the one problem that I don’t think they are available in Switzerland.

I guess I’ll just have to go without fastfood then — it’s probably better in the long run too! :-)

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