I’m back online

I’m have finally brought my computer back online again — so now the title of this website is true once again :-) The first thing to do was to update my Debian installation with about 400 MiB of updates. I’m tracking the soon-to-be-stable “testing” distribution of Debian, which means that I receive bug fixes pretty quickly after they are found and committed to the “unstable” distribution. But it also means that a lot of updates pile up when my computer isn’t online.

I’m online through a Netopia ADSL router, which we could buy from Bluewin for 200 CHF. That included the PCMCIA card for Stéphanie’s computer as well, so I think the price is reasonable. The only minus is the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any way of making the card run under Debian — I’ve searched a lot and tried all the tricks I know but nothing worked. So I guess Stéphanie will be limited to Windows for now.

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