Google was here

I’ve just discovered that Google has found all the old auto-converted news. Pretty cool!

I still haven’t moved the news from the old PhpWiki system, but I will do so one day. So far I’ve investigate the necessary SQL:

SELECT pagename, version, mtime, content
FROM phpwiki_version JOIN phpwiki_page USING (id)
WHERE pagename LIKE 'HomePage/200_-__-__'
AND pagename >= 'HomePage/2002-08-24'
ORDER BY id, version

That gives me the data I need: the name of the page in the Wiki together with the versions and the modification times and content of those versions. I then “only” have to create a new post in WordPress dated based on the first version, containing the content from the last version. Quite simple actually. There are some corner-cases where I’ve written about some event and back-dated the pagename, but that can be detected by comparing the pagename with the modification time given by the first version.

So that’s the outline — I wont have time to implement it before I go to Switzerland, so you guys will have to wait a couple of weeks before being able to enjoy five consequetive years of blogging!

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