I’m in Switzerland

I arrived in Switzerland late in the evening yesterday — today was spent buying a table and a shelf in IKEA and unpacking some of my stuff. That’s it for now, I’m terribly tired…


  1. Hanoz Mogrelia:


    I’m the Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi Bombay, India.

    I’m doing a campaign on Switzerland. I’m looking for the more off beat attractions of the country. What I mean is not the usual cliched vista of snow capped mountains and skiing and cows and dairy and chocolates and watches. Can you tell me of some flea markets, some strange gardens, forts, palaces … some wierd bargain shops, restaurants, etc.

    Can you help me out please?


    Hanoz Mogrelia

  2. Martin:

    Ehh, flea markets? I’m afraid that I haven’t stumpled upon any flea markets in Switzerland in the three weeks I’ve been here…

    But I’ll probably write about it, if I see one :-)

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