Go download Mozilla 1.3

Mozilla Logo I’ve just updated my [Debian][] system for the first time in a long while, and part of the update was Mozilla 1.3. Mozilla was already the best browser out there, but it’s just got even better :-)

What really cought my eye with this release is how smooth everything is. The whole interface looks absolutely fantastic thanks to antialised fonts everywhere. Antialised fonts really make a huge difference in the visual appearance making Mozilla look much more professional and it’s also much easier on the eyes.

I also installed livehttpheaders which makes it possible to see the HTTP headers that Mozilla sends to webservers and the responces it get in return. I’ve already found this very useful for testing the latest CVS version of [PhpWiki][] which caches the output from parsing the WikiMarkup. This should lighten the load on the webserver, for now it’s possible for it to return a 304 Not Modified header instead of the actual data. I’m not sure how much the processing this skips on the PhpWiki side, but it does reduce the bandwidth. I’ll put that version here on GimpsterDotCom when I’ve moved my patches to the old version. Since I’m using PhpWiki as the backend of GimpsterDotCom, I’m also changing it in small ways all the time. I try to get these changes back into the CVS repository when I can, but there’s always a difference between the “stock” CVS version and the code I have.

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