Back from Aalborg

I’m back at [Skejbygård][] again after visiting my mom, dad, and Kristoffer in the weekend. As you can tell from my schedule I don’t have any classes on Fridays, so I could get on a train for Aalborg Thursday evening — it had been a long time since my last visit to Aalborg and then of course it was my dads birthday.

This bunny killed censorship I left my computer on while I was away with FreeNet running. I checked on it regulary over a SSH connection (I really love SSH, it’s so cool to be able to login securely when you’re away from your machine!) to see how the load was and to read some mail.

My node saw an incredible amount of requests, the average number of requests per hour was around 30,000 most of the time, but I also saw it rise to 60,000(!) once. This made my node reject all incoming requests most of the time because all threads were in use. I can raise the number of available threads and open connections, but it wont be before I get a new computer, for I simply don’t have enough RAM and CPU power to do it.

I am connected to the Internet through Bolignet-Aarhus and there was a constant load of about 90 KiB/s on the connection. This was split between 25 KiB/s downstream and 65 KiB/s upstream. And it wasn’t me who asked my node to download this stuff — my datastore had grown to over 7.5 GiB when I got home, when I left it was about 6 GiB.

So, FreeNet it definitely working. Whether or not the contents on it is interesting is another thing, but the techonoligy works and that kind of cool.

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