PhpShell 1.8 released

This release doesn’t add any significant new functionality, instead it breaks compatibility with versions of [PHP][] earlier than 4.1.0 :-) The only new feature is that the stderr checkbox now remembers it’s state. Thanks goes to Michael Zech for sending me a patch!

Seriously, you or your provider ought to have updated your PHP installation beyond version 4.1.0 by now, considering that it’s almost 18 months since it was released (PHP 4.1.0 was released December 11th, 2001). PHP 4.1.0 was the version that introduced the new superglobal arrays: $_REQUEST, $_SERVER, and so on. I’m using them now in [PHP Shell][] because they’re the future standard and because it’s convenient.

For this release I’ve also fixed the generated [HTML][] so that it has become Strict [XHTML][] 1.0 accompanied by a valid stylesheet.

So, this release is mostly about standards complience, which is pretty important if you ask me, but which doesn’t add much new in itself.

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