End of TheParty

It was very nice to get some sleep — I needed it! We’re now waiting for the Closing Ceremony to begin and after that we’ll disassemble our computers and head home. I’ll be picked up by my father who will drive me back to [Skejbygård][]. –Martin Geisler

!!!Day Three at The Party

It feels like it’s still Day Two, but that’s only because I haven’t been in bed yet — it’s now 4:55 in the morning… I’m going to bed Real Soon Now ™ but I’ll write about the Demo competition first.

It was a nice change to see something else than Counter-Strike — the demos were generally good. The problem was, that there were too few of them, so few that the original three competitions (WiLD, Demo, and Intro) were combined into a single competition with only nine entries!

Screenshot from Graphical
Intentions by O.D.S So the tiny introes (this is a demo with a maximum size of only 64 KB) were mixed with the huge WiLD demos and inbetween you had the normal demos. Thoooms and Paaske made it with their demo, but it ran way too fast :-( Because they had been in such a rush to finish the demo, they hadn’t had time to implement a framerate, limiter and the machine used to run the demos for the bigscreen is pretty fast, much faster than the machine Thoooms used to develop the demo on… You can see a full-size version of the screenshot at /images/pq_torus.jpg and you can download the demo from one of the mirrors listed at scene.org.

It’s clear from the entries in the demo-related competitions this year, that the Scene is moving away from The Party. I’ll probably not go to The Party next year, instead we talking about going to Compusphere in Sweden. It’s held on the same dates at The Party, but it’s only for Sceners, so there will be no Counter-Strike competitions stealing the bigscreens… And it’ll also be cheaper for us, even after we’ve bought tickets for the ferry.

That all for now — I’ll go get some sleep now! –Martin Geisler

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