TheParty Day Two

I’m still at The Party, and ready for another day! We decided to go to the nearby school to get some sleep last night, The Party has arranged for the school to stay open at night so that we can have a quiet place to sleep. When we got up, we discovered that half of Jutland was without power! Luckily it only took a couple of hours before the power was back up — you cannot run The Party without power…

PHP Weather logo I’ve had time to work a lot on GimpsterDotCom and on [PHP Weather][]. I’ve just released version 2.1.0 — if I gave the releases codenames, it should be called “Release TP-2002″ :-)

This release adds five new translations and fixes a number of bugs, so I urge you to upgrade if you’re using an older version now. You can download it here.

Thoooms and Paaske is currently working hard on their demo for the competition at 18 O’clock. This is the first time they have an entry for the competition — it’s gonna be exciting to see how it is received. We haven’t seen or heard much from the other demogroups this year. There’s a couple of guys from hybrisNEMESIS and that’s about it — everybody seams to be playing Counter-Strike or something like that :-/ It’s a real shame that The Party has degenerated into this. Last year they were able to open all three halls, but not this year: the big hall 3 is closed because there’s too few people here. So hall 1 where I sit with Thoooms and Paaske is filled with gamers. There’s a constant noise from people blowing eachother up, the noise used to come from people playing scene-music.

But then again — let’s not judge this party before it’s over. We still haven’t seen this years demos, so we might still be surprised.

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