Happy New Year!

We’re just about to begin making the food for the big New Year party here at [Skejbygård][]. It will be a party of special magnificence, much larger than our normal parties: there will be about 47 people at the dinner.

We’ve all paid 100 Danish Kroner (about 15 USD) so there was plenty of money to shop for when the food was bought yesterday. So there will be all sorts of delicious dishes to choose from: tuna mousse, roast beef, lamb, spiced potatoes (that’s what I’ll be preparing together with Jesper Klintø and Hanne Enemark, his girlfriend), Curly Kale (that’s ”grønlangkål” in Danish), caramelised potatoes, smoked ham, and much more that I’ve forgot about again. I’m really looking forward to it!

As tradition bids, we’ll also have some fireworks for tonight. The Board decided to help the party tonight, so I’ve just been in Føtex with SvenneRasmussen to buy a massive battery called ”Miracle of Fire”. It costs 350 Kroner (about 50 USD) and it’s rather heavy. I’ve never had such expensive fireworks before in my life — I really hope it goes off as planned tonight!

The weather forecast says that we’ll get perfect weather for tonight: a clear sky without much wind. But that also means that it’ll be freezing cold, we’ll get temperatures around -10 °C (about 10 °F) so most people will probably prefer to stay indoor and watch the fireworks from there. [Skejbygård][] is eight stories high so we have a really nice view in over Århus from the seventh floor.

I would like to wish everybody here a very Happy New Year, see you next year! –Martin Geisler

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