Back to University

I had my first day at DAIMI today after the reading-holidays. I finished my exams about 14 days ago, so I haven’t been studying that much lately :-) But that didn’t seam to effect our lecturer — he just continued where he had stopped before Christmas.

It’s a little strange that we start on a Friday — I only found out about it yesterday. I thought we could wait until Monday, but no… So I was at the University this morning at 9 O’clock, where I found Manitou (Jérémy). But we were the only two that turned up — even our instructor did come! It was only around 12 O’clock that people started to arrive for the lecture. Two hours later we were finished, and wanted to have a piece of cake from MatKant. But they closed just before we came! So, as you can tell, it’s been a rough day :-)

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