The Storm is over

The storm we had last night is over — it wasn’t that bad. The worst thing about it was, that it kept me awake so that I was kind of tired, earlier today, when I went to BioCity together with thoooms (Thomas), Manitou (Jérémy) and his girlfriend to see Lord of the Rings. The storm also caused some other damages: a section of the wooden fence, that I can see out of my window, is missing.

Lord of the Rings With regard to Lord of the Rings, then what is there left for me to say? Other people have probably already told you how great it is… But I’ll give it a try anyway :-)

So, let me start by saying that it’s a stunning movie — it’s really amazing to see how Peter Jackson has managed to visualize the book. Everything looks so real and feels so natural because it stays close to the book. And when you see the film again (as I did today :-) then you can really enjoy all the details, such as the over-sized carrots in Bilbo’s kitchen. I also love the scene where Frodo sees Arwen for the first time — the way she illuminates everything around her with her beauty. And when you hear them speak Elvish — it’s so beautiful. And I could go on and on and on…

It’s a great movie. I don’t know how it is if you haven’t read the books and therefore knows nothing about Hobbits, Elves, Dwarfs, Wizards, and Orcs, but I can imagine, that it must be a little strange at times.

One of the things that makes Tolkien so great, is that he has created an entire world in these books. And the world has it’s own myths and legends about the Ancient times. The different races that inhabit Middle-Earth all have their own characteristics: the Hobbits like to eat all the time, the Elves are beautiful and elegant, the Dwarfs are more “rough” and so on. The movie gives examples of all these things, but I can imagine that it’s easier to notice them, if you already knows about them :-)

If you want to hear other peoples oppenion about the film, then you should head over to IMBd where they have a lot of interesting reviews.

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