The Cost of Living

It’s expensive to live — I’ve just paid a total of 1,800 DKK (about 225 USD) in bills. And one of the bills was to Netsite, so that can remain online for the next six months.

And then I’ve also bought books for the new term that has just begun. The most exciting new class is the one about algorithms and datastructures. It’s much more advanced than the introduction to Java we were presented with when we started last summer, and the book looks good too. The book is Algorithm Design — Foundations, Analysis, and Internet Examples by Michael Goodrich and Roberto Tamassia. It says in the introduction that it’s typeset with LaTeX so it can’t be all bad ;-) Although I think they’ve made the margins a bit to narrow, especially the right margin on the even pages (the pages that are to the right). But well… that’s how it goes when people insist on changing the standard layout LaTeX produces.

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