So many releases…

Yesterday I made two new releases of PHP Weather. The stable version now includes a Hungarian translation donated by Gyulai Mihály. That brings the total number of translations up to 11.

The unstable version has also been improved. It’s now possible to get a list of countries and a list of stations in a specific country, so that it’s easy to make pages like the ones you find at the NWS Internet Weather Source. All the database backends can do this — even the ‘null’ database. So this means that things should work right out of the box.

The output has also been changed, so that it’s more correct now. Instead of saying things like light showers of rain it now says showers of light rain. The problem is that showers can’t be light because it’s a descriptor. It’s only rain that can be light because it’s a form of precipitation. (I didn’t figure this out myself — Thanks goes to Johnny Funder for this information.)

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