I’m graduated!

I’m done with the gymnasium — I had my final exam two days ago. It was in mathematics and I got 11. All-in-all I must say, that I’m very pleased with the exams. My average grade is 10.5 which means that I have access to whatever study I would like to try. But it really doesn’t matter, since there isn’t any limits on Computer Science. Everybody that wants to give it a try is let in, because there’s too few applicants.

But I now have two months of spare time before I’ll start at the Department of Computer Science in Aarhus (DAIMI). It’s just so great to be able to relax after the last four weeks.

Now that I have all this spare time, I hope to make a release of the new and improved PHP Weather version 2.x. You can try the snapshot or the latest code directly from CVS. And if you haven’t noticed yet, then I’ve moved the tarballs and zip-files to SourceForge, so you should go here if you want to download it.

You’ll also find that the stable version of PHP Weather has jumped to 1.55. The only new feature is support for proxyservers. So if you’ve been needing that, be sure to upgrade. You’ll have to set three variables at the top of phpweather.inc to enable the support.

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