Let’s have some music!

Today I ordered a pile of new CDs — 10 CDs in total! It all started when I discovered that Karl Jenkins had made more than one album with Adiemus. In fact he’s made four of them — I had only listened to the first one Adiemus — Songs Of Sanctuary. So I when downtown to look for the remaining three albums. But I could only find one of them, so I went searching on the web. I found two Danish stores that had the albums: www.gufmusik.dk and www.cdskiven.dk. The first shop was the cheapest, but they also had fewer titles than the second shop. At first I thought that would be a problem, but they told me that they had all the titles that I wanted in stock, even thought they hadn’t updated their webpages.

Now that I was searching for good music I also remembered that I’d heard some Era. Their music sound a bit like Enya / Enigma / Adiemus which means that it’s good :-) So I also bought their first album.

I searched further, and found some CDs by Jean-Michel Jarre. My dad has his album In Concert Houston & Lyon which I’ve heard a lot. It’s a live recording where he plays some of his best songs. But now I’ll get a chance to hear all the songs of his CDs, since I’ve bought six of them :-)

So now I’m looking forward to receiving the Cd’s. According to www.gufmusik.dk they will be shipped next Monday.

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