CPT exam tomorrow

I have my exam in CPT tomorrow — Thomas and I have been practicing all day and it have really helped. So I now feel pretty confident that I know what I need to know about commitment schemes, zero-knowledge interactive proof systems and arguments, Σ-protocols, electronic voting, electronic cash, and secure multiparty computations. That was the six exam topics :-)

By the way, I believe Rune is still accepting bets in the Exam Game

Running out of Internet :-(

StofaNet at the limit! Mikkel is going to love this… :-)

It seems that Stéphanie and I will be running out of bandwidth in a week or so… We only have 10 GB/month, and we’ve already used up 6 GB in the first 11 days. When we hit the bandwidth cap we can buy extra capacity at the hefty price of 0.10 DKK/MB (about 1.5 €-cent or 2 $-cent). Ugh!

We’ll probably have to upgrade our subscription for next month to the 4 Mib line with 20 GB/month bandwidth. That would cost us 400 DKK/month compared to 350 DKK/month right now, so it’s actually quite a good deal. The problem is that it might not work — twice the bandwidth, but also twice the speed… We’ll see how it goes.


Stéphanie now has a homepage: folly.dk! Please go check it out…

If you do, then pay especially good attention to the section with Wallis German — you might be aware that Switzerland has no less than four official languages (German, French, Italian, and Romansh) but the German they speak is very different from what Germans speak. It varies a great deal from north to south, and the Wallis dialect is supposed to be the most difficult of them all. Go see for yourself… :-)


As Stéphanie and I were just about to have dinner tonight, our water tap broke! I was pouring water in a can when the upper part suddenly fell off…

Needless to say, I was quite surpriced/chocked and it took me several seconds to realize that I could stop the water from hitting the cubboards by simply turning it off… :-)

In the end no big damage was done, just a bit of water on the floor. But we’ll probably have to have the tap replaced anyway :-)


Sad indeed