CPT exam tomorrow

I have my exam in CPT tomorrow — Thomas and I have been practicing all day and it have really helped. So I now feel pretty confident that I know what I need to know about commitment schemes, zero-knowledge interactive proof systems and arguments, Σ-protocols, electronic voting, electronic cash, and secure multiparty computations. That was the six exam topics :-)

By the way, I believe Rune is still accepting bets in the Exam Game


  1. prunus:

    my exam is in somethinglessthantwo hours. know that I know nothing. like socrates. ufff

  2. Martin Geisler:

    Phew… I got my favorite subject: secure multiparty computations, and I talked very fast for 18 minutes. After that they asked a couple of not-so-difficult questions.

    The result: 11. But what’s almost more fun is that I’ve earned 20 kr. because of Rune’s exam game! Those were quickly spend on paying my depth to Mikkel and on a hotdog… :-)

  3. Martin Geisler:

    Sorry about the late reply, but now we know that it turned out well, dispite you thinking that you don’t know anything. So be happy and enjoy your holiday (or weekend, or whatever…)!

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