Running out of Internet :-(

StofaNet at the limit! Mikkel is going to love this… :-)

It seems that Stéphanie and I will be running out of bandwidth in a week or so… We only have 10 GB/month, and we’ve already used up 6 GB in the first 11 days. When we hit the bandwidth cap we can buy extra capacity at the hefty price of 0.10 DKK/MB (about 1.5 €-cent or 2 $-cent). Ugh!

We’ll probably have to upgrade our subscription for next month to the 4 Mib line with 20 GB/month bandwidth. That would cost us 400 DKK/month compared to 350 DKK/month right now, so it’s actually quite a good deal. The problem is that it might not work — twice the bandwidth, but also twice the speed… We’ll see how it goes.


  1. Mikkel:

    Hehe… hahahahaaha…


    Sorry :)

  2. Michel Fortin:

    Interesting. Are you so much popular? I’m actually under 1 GB per month for my own website, which isn’t exactly what I’d call an unvisited site since it hosts Markdown and a couple of other software.

    If you have access to detailed statistics, I’d suggest you take a look at what files are taking the most bandwidth and try to see if you can reduce them a little. And I’d add that Gzip compression isn’t working on Stephanie’s site (on the home page at least).

  3. Martin Geisler:

    No, it’s not our webpages, it’s our own Internet connection. Our sites are hosted at a place called NEXCESS and only use a couple of gigabytes a month. I’m not that popular :-)

    As for Gzip compression not working, then that’s probably because hosted here at via a couple of rewrite rules… It mostly work, but I’m not surpriced that something like Gzip compression fails.

  4. Michel Fortin:

    Ah, so I misunderstood.

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