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Version 1.5.1 of WordPress released

So, they’ve released version 1.5.1 of [WordPress][]. Better go get it while it’s hot!

I’ve been using the [SVN][] version of WordPress ever since I lunched and I like it. So far I haven’t had any of the previous spam problems with this version for example, which is very nice!

So far the new version has been downloaded 2,653 times — the last version was downloaded an astonishing 207,981 times! Now that’s many…! Go help them bring that number up!

Go thread your comments!

I’ve just installed a rather cool plugin: Brian’s Threaded Comments, which makes it possible to reply to a specific comment. Go try it out!

Comment trouble anyone?

With this shiny new version of WordPress that I’m using here at I’m suddenly getting emails whenever somebody makes a comment to one of my posts. That’s cool — this feature never worked on my old site.

At first I was a bit puzzled because the emails indicated that some of the comments were put on hold for moderation, for no apparent reason. A quick look at the options in WordPress explained this: comments are only let through without moderation if the owner has an previously approved comment. So the first time you submit a comment you’ll have to wait for me to approve it — after that your comments should go through automatically. As always, let me know if you have any problems.

Reading PhpWiki wiki markup

I’ve been looking on how to convert my legacy news posts from their PhpWiki format into Markdown so that I can re-publish them here in WordPress. Extracting the text of the wiki-pages and turning them into posts in WordPress is not hard — that’s more or less just a matter of selecting them from one table and inserting them into another.

But converting the wiki markup is harder — I guess that the only thing that can really read the PhpWiki wiki markup is PhpWiki itself, which also kind of makes sence… :-) The problem is that the parser in PhpWiki is quite advanced — it’s not just a dumb line-by-line parser — and I don’t know yet if I can easily use it without having to get the whole PhpWiki system going.

In the end I probably end up doing a quick-and-dirty conversion followed by a manual cleanup sweep through the about 100 old posts. You’ll know when the posts are here by the number of archive links to the right — I should really make them into a select box or something like that…

Moving, deleting, converting…

While moving to I’ve taken the opportunity to clean my site up: I’ve removed some duplicated images, converted GIF images into the much more pleasing PNG format (except for some smilies distributed with WordPress — I didn’t want to mess to much with the installation, it’s only going to give me problems when I update it later…) and created pages for the Danish stuff which I have available for download.

I hope to be able to convert the missing news from the old PhpWiki site some day, but probably not this weekend though — I also have to do a little bit of work for the ETH :-)

For updating my site I’m now using an excellent tool called sitecopy. With this I can easily and very quickly maintain as a mirror of the files placed locally on my computer. This is of course done in a secure way using SFTP — it’s soo cool to have a SSH login on your webserver, for there are so many things that suddenly becomes much easier and faster.