Moving, deleting, converting…

While moving to I’ve taken the opportunity to clean my site up: I’ve removed some duplicated images, converted GIF images into the much more pleasing PNG format (except for some smilies distributed with WordPress — I didn’t want to mess to much with the installation, it’s only going to give me problems when I update it later…) and created pages for the Danish stuff which I have available for download.

I hope to be able to convert the missing news from the old PhpWiki site some day, but probably not this weekend though — I also have to do a little bit of work for the ETH :-)

For updating my site I’m now using an excellent tool called sitecopy. With this I can easily and very quickly maintain as a mirror of the files placed locally on my computer. This is of course done in a secure way using SFTP — it’s soo cool to have a SSH login on your webserver, for there are so many things that suddenly becomes much easier and faster.

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