Reading PhpWiki wiki markup

I’ve been looking on how to convert my legacy news posts from their PhpWiki format into Markdown so that I can re-publish them here in WordPress. Extracting the text of the wiki-pages and turning them into posts in WordPress is not hard — that’s more or less just a matter of selecting them from one table and inserting them into another.

But converting the wiki markup is harder — I guess that the only thing that can really read the PhpWiki wiki markup is PhpWiki itself, which also kind of makes sence… :-) The problem is that the parser in PhpWiki is quite advanced — it’s not just a dumb line-by-line parser — and I don’t know yet if I can easily use it without having to get the whole PhpWiki system going.

In the end I probably end up doing a quick-and-dirty conversion followed by a manual cleanup sweep through the about 100 old posts. You’ll know when the posts are here by the number of archive links to the right — I should really make them into a select box or something like that…


  1. Thomas Mølhave:

    Well, I will be looking forward to reading the converted news all over again :)

  2. Martin Geisler:

    Yes, me too :-) It’s mostly a matter of nostalgia I guess… and then of course I might have written something that other people might find useful.

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