Yes, we now have a car! Stephanie and I have just signed the contract for a Mitsubishi Colt Insport 1.5 — we will get it next Wednesday, yeah! Behold:

Mitsubishi Colt Insport

We tried a lot of different small cars, and the Colt was the one that fitted our needs and budget the best. It comes with three years of insurance for only 6,900 DKK ($US 1,300, 925€) which is very cheap in Denmark for first-time drivers. The normal prices are around 10,000–15,000 DKK per year.

Now we just have to wait nine days… I’m so looking forward to it!


  1. Thomas:

    Wow, cool. Congratulations. I am looking forward to see pictures. It is no bat mobile, but I think you will do just fine anyways :) And according to the website, you decided on the variant with the biggest engine - “brian” :)

  2. Martin Geisler:

    Yes, we tried both the 1.3 and 1.5 versions, and we liked the bigger engine… it feels a bit better on the high ways.

  3. Kristian Kristensen:

    Congratulations :-)
    And nice to see stuff is happening on you blog again. Was getting a bit worried ;-)

  4. Martin Geisler:

    I’ve sort of decided to use it for the big announcements instead of many small things. I really like finding pages on the Internet that are maintained, and a blog goes against that with its continuous flow of information… But still, noting the big things is nice, so I’ll use it for that.

  5. Mikkel:

    Nice car and all that, believe I’ve told you personally already :)

    But I strongly disagree with what you said just about the continuous flow of informations. That’s the whole point. It’s something you can check out every day or perhaps week and find something new - IF the blog is maintained! If you don’t think these small texts about ordinary things are interesting, then I don’t think a blog is the right medium for you. I don’t like using blogs for one post per important event. There are only so many big things going on in someone’s life that you’ll soon give up on reading a blog simply because the stuff that’s there is so important that you probably know it anyway if you know the person, and between the big events nothing is really going on and no posts are made at all.

    Still, it’s your blog and you can do what you want with it. I’m reading it all on Planet DAIMI anyway to maximize my chances of finding something new.

  6. Martin Geisler:

    I know that the point of blogs is to have a flow of information… and there is a need for that. Sort of a calendar that lists events as they happen.

    What I don’t like is when people write programs and use a blog post as the homepage, or when people write big essays stretching over several posts instead of editing it together into a proper page. Or when the whole point is the discussion going on in the mediocre interface offered by most comment systems.

    Or when I now make a post about a new car and then never go back to the post. I guess I ought to make a page about this kind of car, a page that I would update when I’ve had it through its first service check and when I find good and bad things about it. That is the kind of pages that I think adds to the value of the Internet.

    So now that I think about it, then I guess my point is: use a blog for events which are connected to a point in time, use pages in a website for your general thoughts and essays about life. And then go back to those pages and edit them when things change, spell check them, etc. Improve the quality instead of the quantity. Something like that :-)

  7. Stephanie:

    And now back to the topic: Isn’t it lovely to have a car, dear PhD-students? :P

  8. Thomas:

    Stephanie: Please remember who had a car first :). Martin, control your bride please.

  9. Mikkel:

    Why yes, I WOULD like to borrow your car. If you can just park it outside my building when you’re not using it, that would be great. Thanks!

  10. Martin Geisler:

    How will you get in? And if you get in, how will you start it?

  11. Mikkel:

    First I will borrow/steal/rob your key, then I will use it to unlock the car door. After that, I will enter the car. Then it’s simply a matter of using the key to start the car. How hard can that be to figure out? Oh and can you make sure the tank is full before I borrow it, I hate it when I have to pay for things myself.

  12. Martin Geisler:

    Thomas: well, you sort of cheated by buying a car without helping the society with a 180% tax :-) Ugh, I just realized that we have “donated” about 100,000 DKK to the state by buying this car… at least we will get some of it back through the PhD stipend!

  13. Stephanie:

    “Oh and can you make sure the tank is full before I borrow it, I hate it when I have to pay for things myself.”

    No way! NOW you’re kidding.

    @Thomas: :D

  14. Mikkel:

    OK I’m kidding. I really love paying for things!

  15. Martin Geisler:

    About useless and usefull things on the Internet, then Rune suggested that I should ask Google. The results are here, and clearly there are much more useless stuff on the Internet than usefull stuff.

  16. Thomas:

    Well, spelling stuff correctly helps: http://googlefight.com/index.php?lang=en_GB&word1=useless+Internet+stuff&word2=useful+Internet+stuff

  17. Thomas:

    Ok, that is not how I should post a link. Let’s try again:
    Well, spelling stuff correctly gives a slightly less funny result:

  18. Thomas:


  19. Thomas:

    argh, wtf. “stuff SPACE correctly”

  20. Martin Geisler:

    Oh well… I guess you made those three extra comments to make me feel less bad about my poor spelling. I blame DAIMI for still using Firefox 1.5 (with no spell checker) in their annoying Fedora Core install.

    But that reminds me: you compiled Firefox 2 on DAIMI, and I used to use it. I don’t know why my firefox command has reverted to the older version, but I intend to fix it tomorrow!

  21. Martin Geisler:

    Oh, just one more thing! The comments are formatted using MarkDown which I find a nice format that mostly does what I want. If you put old-school angle brackets around your link, then it is linked: <http://example.net/> becomes http://example.net/.

    I guess I should have written that somewhere. A comment preview function would also be nice… I just don’t want to fiddle with WordPress and PHP right now.

  22. Tordr:

    I liked your post, and since I also got a car I parodied your post.

  23. Martin Geisler:

    Does that mean that you went out and bought a car just to make fun of my post?! :-)

  24. Nobby:

    Hey, its a coool car. A friend of mine drives one, and he absolutely loves it
    Happy Motoring.

    Ducopro for paint protection

  25. Jeff:

    Nice car Martin. Mitsubishi is a good brand and I am confiendt it will be reliable and a good choice. Its small gets good gas mileage and can fit into small parking spaces. Good overall choice.

  26. Martin Geisler:

    Yeah, we’ve been very happy with the car, no problems at all!

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