Thank you so much!

Kissing outside the church. I’m married! I just want to thank everybody for making yesterday such a wonderful day for me and Stephanie!

I’ll put the pictures up somewhere later — for now the “preview” on the right will have to make do. Thanks again to everybody for all the presents, thanks for being there and celebrating with us!


  1. Kenan Sulayman:

    Have nice Days with you wife!

  2. Ole Laursen:

    Congratulations! Great picture.

  3. Tobias Unger:


  4. april geisler:

    omg! hey my last name is Geisler to, and my first name is april, im gordon Geislers and lisa’s
    dauter, but i dont think iv ever heard of you. lol do you think we could posubly be related?
    that would be sooo cool! to find a long lost relitive. anyways plz reply i really wana find
    out if we are some how related!

                                          your posibal relative: April Geisler
        p.s. im 12 years old, you???Oh and you wife is really pretty!!! lol
  5. Martin Geisler:

    Hi April,

    I live in Denmark and I’m afraid I haven’t heard about you either :-)

    As far as I know, my family came from Germany to Denmark at some point
    in the 1700’s. There are quite a few Geisler’s down there still.

    There is even several differnet Geisler families in little Denmark,
    even though it is a rather rare surname. So your family might not be
    related to mine…

    I am 25 by the way.

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