Sir, can I see your card and registration?

I just found out that the people we’re renting our new apartment from, Vesterbo, insist that we apply to be allowed to install our new combined washing/drying machine and the dish washer. We’re not allowed to connect them until the permit arrives, and of course they couldn’t tell us when that would be. How stupid is that?!

I tried asking them for a reason why we couldn’t just connect the machines right away, considering that the woman who lived there until now had all the same machines as we with to connect. But no reason was given. The woman I argued with could only offer an analogy, she said it’s like when you have a driving license: you’re also not allowed to drive without carrying it with you. But that’s not a reason! That is just side-stepping the question…

Arghh, I have such rules that make no sense to me and where I cannot get a reasonable answer!

All in all I must say that I’m rather unimpressed by these organizations that administrate the apartments in this town. We’re currently with Fagbo, and there we’ve been waiting over a week to have the light replaced in our bathroom (it blinks like mad, so you either have to shower with the light off, or suffer a headache when you get out…). It’s been like this every time we have asked the janitor for something — the round-trip time is at least a week.

At least the packing is going forward — Stéphanie and I packed most of our books and all our DVDs and CDs yesterday.


  1. Rune:

    They should make a combined washing/drying/dish washer machine! That would be so cool! You just put whatever you have of dirty “things” (maybe even your dirty mind) into it and it cleans and dries it.

  2. Mikkel:

    Heh, I could really use a mind wash right now.

  3. Kristian Kristensen:

    Oh the joys of bureaucracy…
    Frickin’ stupid

  4. Isomorph:

    You of course ask to see the permit that allow them to
    hand out such permits.

    It is not like your just
    can decide to hand out
    drivers licensees without a
    permit to do that.

  5. Martin Geisler:

    I don’t think they need a permit to do this — we’re renting the apartment on their conditions, unfortunately.

    By the way: the permission turned up quickly, I believe it came the day after we moved in. I still think it’s stupid to have such a system for normal electrical appliances, but at least it worked quickly this time.

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