Live from TCC07

The last coffee break of the day has just finished and the talks are about to resume with a special event about the assumptions for cryptography. I’m in Amsterdam at the Theory of Cryptography Conference 2007 and have been listening to talks all day. Some were interesting and some were boring, but I guess that was to be expected.

What was not to be expected was the food: We got buns with different kinds of fillings (cheese, ham, raisins, etc.) and a glass of milk. There were also some deep-fried cheese.

In the coffee breaks they server, well…, coffee and tea with biscuits — I had a glass of water with my two biscuits :-/ Not so exciting, I hope the food will be better tomorrow.

Bye for now, I might write more tomorrow!


  1. Kristian Kristensen:

    Sounds cool. Please write more about it. I didn’t even know you were going! :-)
    And yeah the food does sound a bit crappy. I mean, it’s a conference, where’s the soda?

  2. Martin:

    Hi Kristian! Sorry about not writing about it before… The blog is starting to bore me so I guess that is why I don’t update it that often anymore.

    About the soda, then you’re right, it’s cheap of them not to have some. I mean, this is a conference on cryptography attended by lots of computer scientists and they’re only serving coffee, tea, milk and water?! Yesterday evening there were a panel discussion and for that they served wine, beer, and juice. Again no soda… :-(

    The food taste nice, but I would prefer to have it for breakfest instead of lunch. So I’ve now grabbed two buns that I plan to save for tomorrow morning’s breakfest. (There’s no breakfest included at the hotel where we’re staying — buying it costs 18 EUR!)

    So, that’s the current status down here… At least the weather is fine with the sun shining :-)

  3. Mikkel:

    It might be unreasonably expensive breakfast, but it’s damn good!

  4. Rune:

    Just for the record - the food did NOT taste nice!!

  5. Martin Geisler:

    I only tried those buns that I could identify (cheese-tomato and raisins), and they tasted fine. Especially the raisin buns which doubled nicely as breakfast :-) I saw somebody eat the deep-fried stuff and that was enough to tell me to stay away from it.

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