Switzerland is under water!

Flodding is an almost unknown concept for us Danes, but the Swiss is not so fortunate: parts of Berne as well as large areas around Lucerne are flooded! As far as I’ve understood it, then it started at some point last night when some of the rivers in central Switzerland could no longer handle the heavy rain we’ve been having the last couple of days. The rain will go East in the next days, but until it’s gone people are still fighting the water.

Water finding cracks in a wall

I’ve taken some screenshots from my tv-card — it’s incredibly how much debris the water can pull along on its way. The first picture below is from Berne. It’s very strange for me to see the streets in Berne like that, for I’ve been on some of them…

A flooded street in Berne

Stéphanie is down in Wallis right now with her parents, and she has to stay there for an unknown while since the trains no longer run between Brig and Aarau. I wonder how long it will take before the water is gone and the trains can resume? And if the tracks still are where they were before?

A helicopter view of a flooded area in Switzerland


  1. Uffe:

    “Flodding is an almost unknown concept for us Danes”
    - that depends rather much upon where in the country you live, doesn’t it? I don’t think people in Sønderjylland and on Falster will agree. Nor people living in the Lammefjord-area.. ;-)

  2. Uffe:

    Of course, flooding in Denmark is almost entirely due to high water during storms, not due to rain as in Switzerland, I grant you that.

  3. Martin Geisler:

    Yes, of course you’re right! I’ve been living in Aalborg and Århus where we were in no danger of flooding :-)

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